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Qigong Mentoring Membership

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Are you READY to experience the JOY of true EMOTIONAL FREEDOM?

Do you struggle with ANXIETY, FEAR, or the feeling of being constantly ON EDGE in this global environment? These are states of DISCONNECTION, especially disconnection from OURSELVES.

I feel where you are at, feeling disconnected and adrift, because I have been there, too. My healing journey has had depths of darkness, and despair, and now more frequently ascends to LIGHT and FREEDOM. It’s clearly a Guided Journey filled with so much more JOY, PEACE, and GRATITUDE.

My name is Roxy Wright, and I am a Spring Forest Qigong Certified Trainer, Healer and Practice Group Leader.

Qigong Mentoring Membership

Bundle of Joy

    Access all three memberships (Spring Forest Qigong Mentoring, Spring Forest Qigong Practice Group, and EFT Tapping Circle) at a discounted price. This bundle is perfect for those seeking a comprehensive approach to their personal growth and well-being. Enjoy the benefits of all memberships and save with this special offer.

    Price: $97 CDN/month

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