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My name is Roxy Wright, and I am a Spring Forest Qigong Certified Instructor, Trainer,
Healer and Practice Group Leader.


Even though I am multi-certified in a number of healing methods, my most useful and effective
modality is the practice of Spring Forest Qigong.

Qigong is a scientific study of the WAY of the Universe, the WAY of Us, and how we ACT in Relationship to all things in the Universe. It is the ENERGETIC ALIGNMENT of ourselves to the Laws of Nature, and the resultant Wholeness that is facilitated. 

There are 10,000 different registered ways of practicing Qigong.
Spring Forest Qigong focuses on Healing Body, Mind and Spirit.

Qigong is a practice of the Heart and is a simple Way of Life.

Your Inner Guide, your intuition, has led you to this treasure chest of energetic information at the perfect time for you. It’s no coincidence that you have found this space.

Healing is a natural by product from the Alignment of the Body, Mind, Spirit and Heart. How will you KNOW when you have experienced healing?

What would FEEL different for you?

I’m here to walk with you, as your Guide and Co-Creator, and help you discover the Inner Technology of Healing, The Life Codes, that have been inside of you, and me, all along.

Wholeness is the result of becoming AWARE OF, and ALIGNING WITH, the Laws of the Universe.

When you engage with me, either in digital classes, “in person” online, or really in person with my Horse Faculty, you will EXPERIENCE energetic shifts that will lock in, bit by bit, your own personal connection with yourself. You will embrace your ability to hone your energetic skills to create your own Deep Inner Balance.

When you are more Balanced, your balanced energy radiates out to others, and the healing is shared. Person by person, we bring healing to the planet.

The classes and Experiences offered here are a BUFFET of Knowledge and Tools that you will learn to use skillfully to craft your Happier, Healthier, more Expansive life.
End your Suffering Now!!!

Partake of this Energetic Feast and come Home to your Magnificent Self.
Our Sessions together are Co-Creations of Radiant Possibility!!!

I am not a medical professional. I do not diagnose or treat any illness of any sort. I do not prescribe. Viewers and clients are personally responsible for their own use of any information that they may read on this page.

I hope that you love these practices as much as I do. Engaging in the principles taught here has truly set me free. It’s been a lifetime of discovery for me, and an ongoing building of deep Strength, Joy and Emotional Freedom.

Welcome to the Path, the Way UP….

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